Frequently Asked Questions

When do you think you will open?

It is difficult to say when.  I cannot give an exact date yet, but we hope to open early 2019.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for regular updates.  

I work in tourism. May I come and visit prior to the official opening to see what the sanctuary is about?

Yes you may visit prior to opening, and you are welcome to do so, but these visits are regulated by Lara, please contact her via email to make an appointment. You can also contact her telephonically 0829795683.

Where is MonkeylandKZN situated?

MonkeylandKZN is situated on the Glendale Road, Shakaskraal, in the Ballito region of KwaZulu Natal. It's about 35kms from King Shaka International Airport.

What species of primates will live there?

Capuchin Monkeys, Black and White-Ruffed Lemurs, Ringtail Lemurs, Buff-Cheeked Gibbons, Squirrel Monkeys and Howler Monkeys (to start with).

Will you breed with the primates who live there?

No we will not breed at all.  All the male primates will have vasectomies before being released into the MonkeylandKZN forest.

Can I hold, touch or feed the primates at MonkeylandKZN?

No you cannot. As with all of the SAASA sanctuaries, we have a strict hands-off policy.  Touching and petting monkeys is a form of harrasment. Follow the hashtag #HandsOffOurWildlife

What else will there be to do at MonkeylandKZN?

Other than monkey safaris we will have a curio store, a restaurant, a state of the art environmental cinema and a children's jungle gym.  In the future, we plan to also open an ethnic tribal craft market (with 22+ stalls) and an authentic Zulu tribal village.